Sunday, October 25, 2009

disaster, pumpkins, costumes, oh my! :-)

a photoshoot went terribly wrong today when i sat on a perfectly perfect large pumpking, only to find out there was a puddle in it.
see below:

and my mom got kelly ripa cat a halloween costume. she's such a great sport about wearing it!! LOL. not. anyway, now my kitty clock is wearing it instead!

nick took my camera for a stroll this weekend, he snapped these...i love them!

some fall themed 365s!
i tried to post different ones on here than on flickr (for the most part) so that those of you who check out both can have a variety to see :-)

fall is really kinda amazing. just sayin'.


Christopher said...

i ADORE fall!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Omg! Puddle story is classic! Glad Nick was there to catch it on camera.P.S. I'm commenting on your blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh..that pumpkin picture is hilarious.
too cute!!

Jamie said...

love these!

Liz V. said...

haha! these are all so great. i especially love the one of you and your pumpkin twin :]

also: tag, you're it! i tagged you in my 5 current obsessions post!

Taylor said...

what mani color is that?!

margot said...

liz, i'll do the tagging tomorrow! thanks for thinking of me!

taylor, it's called berry good (something like that? def starts with berry) by essie!

well, you're a good friend today. keep it up.

echo said...

all great pictures, my favorite is the pumpkin with glasses one

Linsey said...
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Linsey said...

Thank Gawd Kelly is starting to act like a cat!! finally!!