Wednesday, September 16, 2009

365 days of....

if i could start this again i think i would do 365 days of lunch and just photograph my lunch every day LOL.
just a random thought.
I'M NOT DOING IT AGAIN THOUGH. it's tough. somedays you don't want to think...and you have to!
anyway, some recent ones including the HALFWAY THERE PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!
that was day 182.5

i find it HILARIOUS that in every shoot i have at least 3 photos where i look genuinely surprised, as if i didn't just set up the shot and pose. LOL. it's so weird but funny!
anything you'd like to see in the good ol' 365?!
also read any good books lately!?!?! i'm almost through with the last batch that was recommended to me so if you have any suggestions let me know! :-)


Jamie said...

I mentioned your 365 today on Inspired Wednesday. ;)
I think I'm going to start on 10/1 but I'm not going to stress about it and if I feel like just taking a pic of my day instead of myself, I'm doing it. My rules. ;)
I love all your 365 pics. Sooo creative! I posted another friend (Julie) on my post that did all 365 and she has some great ideas too. Maybe you'll find some inspiration in those. Laurenlemon has some really good ones on flickr for inspo too! xoxo

Alex Van Clief said...

Finished up Mudbound a few weeks back...heavy but so good

Christopher said...

auditioned for the play at my school my 365 was me with my fingers crossed sounds boring but it came out cool! todays were realyy good

margot said...

jamie- THANK YOU!

alex- UM WHY DON'T YOU BLOG?! and i'll check out that book!

Christopher- I WANNA SEE THE PIC! email me!!

Nikkilooch said...

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is SO good. It's kind of a chunkster, too but worth it. I believe it's newly published this year.

p.s. I love your pictures.

Liz V. said...

i don't have any specific recommendations for books, but i do have one question! you have a goodreads? because my roommate just introduced me to this website and i'm addicted!

margot said...

i will check out everything you guys recommended thank you!!!