Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quirky Thursdays!

a new segment on my bloggity!!
will feature a quirk/kitch/smirk batch of stuff found throughout the week! sound good?
if you'd like to submit something- email it to me at margot531(at)gmail(dot)com !!!

j'adore this gumball necklace- found here!

this vinyl sticker from my favorite store on earth!- click here

designer duct tape- click here!

nose masks!!! click here for um! great if you're trying to do a 365 project and always searching for ideas...might try to make my own nose masks!!

scarves by twinkie chan! click here click here!

and my most favorite recent purchase!!! i can't wait for it to get here!!! click here for the bear hat!!!! made and modeled by vivs!


vivianna said...

why is my bear hat not on here ;) kidding

margot said...

i was gonna wait till i got mine but ok ok ok, haha it's there now and i'll repost it again when mine comes!! :-) beary cute!

Jamie said...

I looove the duct tape!! Can't wait to get some vinyl and really can't wait to get a bear hat!!!! Love it!!! Quirky Thursday is awesome.

Shane Keaney said...

love the hat!!!

JenCoen said...

tooo funny... i found that gumball necklace on thursday too!! hmmm.... i took a pic on my phone and its my new screen! lol!