Sunday, August 2, 2009

looking for a good read?!

it could be the 365-obsessive-goal thing that drew me to this book (being that i'm knee deep in my self portrait project) or the fact that i LOVE a good icon but either way,
Julie & Julia is the best book i've read in awhile- this quick post is to tell you all to go get the book asap! you won't regret it!!!!!!
and here is the author's blog- she is hysterical!


Christopher said...

I reaallllllllllllllllllllly want to see the movie but maybe i'l read the book first. I LOVE to cook that's why i'm soooo intrested.

oh bye the way any suggestions for he 365 day project? i have photo-block lolol

Miss Wanderlust said...

im going to get it tomorrow at B&N. Thank you for the suggestion!! soooooo excited :)

Linsey said...

u must get your passion to do french cooking and serving from moi!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

yay!! a new book to read. (i'm trying to read all i can before I start up one last year of school!)
she really is funny. thanks for recommending her blog!

Dee said...

The movie looks like a lot of fun ~ I will check out the book, which I have to admit I would not have thought it would be too good, so thanks for the suggestion.

margot said...

you all won't regret it!! such a good one!

Vera said...

i have the same happy whisk, i also have the one for christmas :D

is there a movie also?