Monday, June 8, 2009

VLOG! a must see

this is long...and i had to get rid of like half of the videos to get it to a realistic timeframe lol, but please watch as it sums up my sister and i quite perfectly!
hahah. i say the word exciting a lot. she has a lot of questions.
and the last part is the best.
(o,rachew! the last minute and a half or so are for you hahahaa)


ashleyrwatts said...


Haha! That's great just kidding it wasn't funny just kidding i really did laugh my butt off just kidding my butt's still here just kidding WHERE IS IT?!?
OH! and waffle house is amazing just kidding it always makes me sick just kidding but it really does! :P

And PS - Minneapolis IS is Minnesota LOL and if and when I go to a W[awful] House (which is JUST for late nights, btw!) I usually don't get waffles, haha.

margot said...

waffle house totttallllly made me sick! and i'm not just kidding loL!!!!
and thanks for the minneapolis answer haha!

Nick said...

hated the vlog
just kidding

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness! I love this so much! You & Rachel are so much fun! I really wish you would move to Missouri! (& I'm not kidding)
I am from Illinois (the S is silent) and I say it like Miz-er-y. But I'd be interested to know what Missourians say about this issue. ;) And I also say "sandwiches". Maybe subs if I'm referring to Subway or Quizno's but never hoagies. I have no clue about the cows. They are lying down if it's going to rain tho. I've never noticed them lined up, lol. I wish we could have road tripped with you to Springfield! That would have been a blast! Oh, and I've definitely heard of Dunkin' Donuts (never had their coffee tho they do sell it in packages at Walmart, lol). I think there's some in St. Louis and other larger cities but we have none around where I live. There's my two cents. And your just kidding part had me laughing soooo hard. Just kidding, I never cracked a smile. Just kidding, I really, really loved it. Just kidding. I hated it. Just kidding!!! I love it and love you!!!! This made my nite.
Tell Rachel to get a blog and a twitter!!!!!

Toni Brockliss said...

Margot are you sure it's not to late to make my dream come true and boot David Letterman and make you the new host of The Tonight Show?
I will buy you hotdogs.

Chedder Fish said...

Haha I'm in Maryland but I have to chime in on the Dunkin Donuts thing. We definitely have one on like every corner (Starbucks on the other corner) and I def get something every morning on the way to work. Luckily they do have healthy options too.

Oh goodness your coffee experiment totally made me think of this-

RMiller said...

hahaha everyone has great answers! Marg- you should post a blooper video with some of my fav scenes (the floor map at rest stop and there's no place like home!!)

margot said...

haha ok ray! i will post out takes tomorrow! they will be shorter than this video, i promise!