Saturday, June 13, 2009


one of my favorite people on the planet is making a cow for COWPARADE! today i went to flushing, queens to visit liz while she worked and i was blown away by how amazing her cow is coming out!!!
here are some photos from today, and be sure to watch the cow's progress on her blog-
YAYYYY LIZ!!!!!!!!!! :-)

liz is all over flushing on these posters!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?
can't wait to see cowbella when she's finished!


echo said...

go Liz go! Cowbella is looking amoooazing!!!

Liz Lomax said...

I love you Margot! Thank you for this! and Thanks Echo for your comment!

Linsey said...


Shane Keaney said...

you're very welcome Liz! if margot is able to visit cowbella again i'll try to tag along =D