Thursday, June 11, 2009

and only for my blogger friends...

tonight it came up in a chat that i used to be a clown, and pictures were requested...
here you go.

somewhere i have photos of rosie-the-clown playing in a playground with a bunch of children but i can't find them! if they turn up i'll post, but for now, this gets the point across!!
and here was my clowning logo:

if you have questions about my clown career, feel free to comment below and i'll answer.


Jamie said...

Look how cute you are!!! It really is cute. I was picturing something totally different, lol.

margot said...

haha what were you thinking?! a creepy clown??
although this is cute, but clowns in general are borderline creepy.

taylor is going to hate this post. sorry taylor. the bloggers wanted to see!!

Kristin said...

Definitely want to hear more about this, please :)

Kristin said...

Specific Questions:
1) Was this your job?
2) What inspired you to become a clown?
3) Were children ever scared of you? I think I was scared of clowns when I was little.
4) Is / was anyone else you know a clown?

Thanks :)

Penny said...

lol, i think i had only seen creepy clowns until now.. you're a cute one indeed!! i love rosie the clown!! i wish i had met her when i was a kid!! :D

caitlin said...

i thought we were supposed to have a funeral for rosie?

margot said...

hahah, answers, sorry i can't stop laughing.
1) Was this your job?
part time, yes! i did it at block partes/birthday parties/holiday parties and then i decided only to volunteer as the clown and then i quit! all over about a year and a half time span.

2) What inspired you to become a clown?
HAHAH, i think it was boredom. i was interning at a law firm and was bored so i bough a book on balloon animal making...turns out i was REALLY good at it so i decided to take it a step further for money!

3) Were children ever scared of you?
yep, every now and then! i would just stay clear of the child, usually they would warm up!

4) Is / was anyone else you know a clown?
i do know another clown, but i didn't know until after the fact!

K&V said...

how could you ever find working at a law firm boring?

Linsey said...

i remember rosie's very last gig!! it was right out of a seinfeld sitcom.. poor rosie!! she is certainly missed!!No more egg hunts for her!!! SPLAT!

jeremyk123 said...

epic. just epic.

Nicole Callihan said...

O, I've missed Rosie!

Elaine R said...

i love this about you! My Dad went to clown school and is now a clown. Not full time, but part time. It makes quite good money!

Great to know! <3

margot said...

awww, thank you!

echo said...

im always thankful for the opportunity to meet rosie on my first day at GDC lol

Kristin said...

Have you seen the movie "Twisted"? It's a documentary on the World of Balloon Twisting.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

totally awesome!
i've worked at the same law firm for 3 years...i know what you mean. :( lol

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