Saturday, June 27, 2009


for three important people!!!!
first of all YAYYYY TAYLOR! for a successful surgery and being home & healing!

YAYYYYY! to christopher for his junior highschool graduation!
Christopher, now that i know you read this blog i better see comments :-) hehe

and YAYYYYY ray! my sister turns 22 tomorrow! happy happy happy birthday!


Christopher said...

Thanks for posting me. i finally got a gmail so now i can comment!! thanks for the gift you and your parents gave me! hope you had fun at my PARTAY! comment you soon!

RMiller said...

yayyy thanks!!

Linsey said...

3 cheers- hip-hip-hooray!!!!!!!! luv, me

Nicole Callihan said...

I love the pic with the haystack! Happy birthday, Rachel!

(Is it just me or does it seem like just yesterday she was turning 21?)