Thursday, May 28, 2009

on jewelry making, self portraits, and travel

my grandmother was a crafter, a serious one! and while i didn't really know that side of her (she lost the hobbies with age) i have inherited some of her tools! i have buttons of hers, yarn, sewing needles, and my favorite- this pair of scissors! i'm rocking the scissors big time while making things for my newest hobby- MERCH! by margot's jewelry line!

and 2 recent self portraits of the day:

i think i'm getting more experimental as the days quickly go by...
1 WEEK FROM TODAY I WILL BE IN MISSOURI! i can NOT wait. i need a vaca very badly and why not meet my favorite crafters while i'm at it! :-) and some lovely sistah sistah time too!


Elaine said...

I'm insanely jealous that you're going to Missouri haha and i love those sunglasses more than words can possibly say. :]

Joy said...

I live in Texas, where we speak much Spanish and vaca=cow so I died laughing at this post and the double meaning of that sentence. I love it! I needed a good laugh.

Shane Keaney said...

that pair of scissors are gorgeous!

flying scissors said...

Such special scissors and the sunglasses are sooooooooooooo great.

Have a fun time in Springfield. Wish you a great time together with Elsie and Rachel :-)

margot said...

elaine, THANKS! they're from h&m! i was going to return them (i'm blind as a bat) but if you want them and can't locate them email me and i'll sell them to you for exact cost of them instead!

HAHAHAHHA! so funny, glad to make you laugh!

and thanks shane ;-)
and astrid!!!

Amber said...

Matthew Williamson! I love the sunglasses I have them too!