Friday, May 22, 2009

oh wow wow wow!!!

today was SO COOL.
all arranged via TWITTER, echo & i got to meet Heather Bailey-an artist who's work we both adore and who's blog we both follow! she was so sweet & is so talented so check out her blog HERE!
meeting artists who inspire me is quite possibly my favorite thing in the world!
in a few weeks i will meet THIS ONE and THIS ONE and of course THIS ONE has become one of my best friends on the planet!
so here are a few pics from today!

and the store we were in is called Purl Patchwork- the staff there was really nice about letting everyone take photos! HERE's a link to the store!
and thanks again to heather for meeting echo and i today!!! :-)


Shane Keaney said...

this is one of the best days in my life!!!

Linsey said...

i can give everyone knotty knitting lessons!!

Shane Keaney said...

i'll be the first one to sign up!!