Sunday, May 31, 2009

it's still my party and i STILL can make everyone...

wear heart sunglasses! (glasses courtesy of nick!)
:-) thanks to my peeps for making this a nice day! thanks to the weather man for saying rain but it really only raining for like 10 min! and thanks to my sis for encouraging me to get a sunburn in hopes that it fades to a tan hahahah. oh and thanks to my mom for having me haha, and thanks to cindy's (my nail salon) for having the colors i wanted for my nails AND toes, and thanks to echo for making me A DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE CHEESE CAKE!! (and commuting it!) and thanks to liz for posting this- click here! so sweet! and thanks to my blog world friends for emails, and tweets, and cards! i'm touched!!! :-)

and in today's self portrait- inspired by the words of Sabrina Ward Harrison...expect a lot of her quotes in the future from me, her words and art make my jaw drop!


Shane Keaney said...

the last picture shows how much beer and electric lemonade you consumed lol, happy birthday, xoxo

margot said...

silly, aspiring children's illustrators don't drink beer or electric lemonade ;-)

ps how amazing is electric lemonade?!

Nick said...

love the post

HATE the picture of me, you and meg o. wow -- not the finest moment for any of us.

happy birthdayyyyy.