Friday, May 15, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY! -israel edition!

this time last year my sister and i were in israel! wow wow wow, can't believe it's been a whole year!

i think taking pictures was easily my favorite part of the trip, besides bonding with my sis. this year our duo destination is SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI to go to my favorite store- redvelvetart
let's just hope you don't have to eat olives for breakfast and squigee water down the drain while showering in missouri like you do in israel lol.


Anonymous said...

ooohhh, I always wanted to visit Israel! Nice pictures! What was the most memorable thing that happened to you there?
found your blog through elsie's

RMiller said...
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RMiller said...

hahaha yeh missouri trip better be nothing like that trip!! can't believe it was a year ago woah! ps- I just cracked up at the Dora ice pop pic!

margot said...

thanks! the most memorable thing that happend there was probably dropping my camera in the dead sea...ummmm, everything really does float but the camera really did break!!!!

Linsey said...

u still owe me the picture of my gorgeous girls during the sunset!!!!! luv, me

Cherry Runway said...

Did you go for the "birth right" trip thinger? In the back of my mind i wanted to take that trip, but im to much of a chicken to do it.