Sunday, May 10, 2009

all weekends...

should be filled with dairy free ice-cream and little kids laughing...

and telling your mom you love her!

and prompted by janel, i am going to list 25 things i've learned from my mother...
here they are, in no particular order:
1. when shopping, "no 2 Gaps are ever the same"
2. when traveling, "why take a picture when you can buy a postcard?"
3. macks by essie is the best color for a manicure
4. mondays are best spent reporting employees to their corporate headquarters when they annoy you while ringing you up during the weekend!!!
5. to love coffee
6. to create
7. to not drink from plastic cups unless they are disposable (OR WATER FOUNTAINS- hahahha!)
8. to give back
9. to love club soda
10. to see double features at movie theaters
11. to love musicals
12. to speak for those who can't always speak for themselves
13. that every vacation deserves new socks and new underwear
14. the joys of the christmas tree shop
15. to wait at stage doors in order to see celebs leave a show
16. black and white photography
17. to dream big
18. to marry an orphan to avoid in-laws
19. cats are good pets
20. to always try my best
21. to not let turkeys get me down
22. that you can't control the things you can't control
23. that size doesn't matter
24. to give standing ovations
25. and to just be proud to be myself.
happy mother's day!!!!


Shane Keaney said...

love all above!

Linsey said...

omg... that was awesome!! u left out: marry a RICH orphan!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Yay!! great list. Tell your mama happy mother's day too!!! P.S. did I just see that Kelly Ripa Cat has a blog :)lol. You are toooo funny!!!

RMiller said...

awww we have the best mom ever!!!!!!