Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 Things...

some of my fav bloggers out there are doing a 7 things about themselves post so i thought i'd join on in! :-)

#1- i am allergic to pineapple. i think it is my saddest allergy because i really do like it...i really DON'T like hives.

#2- my ultimate goal in life is to illustrate a children's book. (actually today i got my second royalty check in the mail so i guess i kind of did that already, but i mean one i am REALLY proud of)

#3- i would LOVE to be on a reality show. and will gladly audition one day.

#4- i am a huge reader. if i'm in a reading mood i can fly through a few books a month. it's also one of my fav things to talk about so if you ever want to talk books let me know haha.

#5- i'm really obsessive. once i decide i like something i end up LOVING IT. or the opposite. i think that comes with being an artist.

#6- i live directly across the street from jerry seinfeld's garage. he happens to be one of my least favorite celebrities. figures.

#7- roller coasters scare me. like....a TON.

ok now your turn!! tell me 7 things!


Shane Keaney said...

hahahah fat little margot is so cute!

Jamie said...

I'm with ya on #5!! I always say that I can't just like something, I have to loooooooove it. :)

julio n carla said...

huge reader?!?! me too! well i'm starting to be - and i just got a book letter in the mail for an informal book club... interested? send me your mailing address if you are. jari.spry@gmail.com