Sunday, March 15, 2009

day 2

this one is pulled together quite quickly as i am EXHAUSTED after a day spent babysitting, but i kinda like it. j'adore leopard! :-)


Liz V. said...

look at your cuuuute socks!!!

margot said...

thanks! perhaps all socks should be pink leopard?
hmmm....something to consider.

ashleyrwatts said... are too stinkin' adorable it's sickening (but in a good way)! :P

Linsey said...

how many people stopped u & told u how that outfit was made for u?? just like in the Gap, right???

margot said...

haha NO ONE. i got some dirty looks doing this LOL. oh well, win some lose some! but I think it was made for me!

for others reading this my mom (linsey) doesn't believe that people stop me in stores sometimes and tell me clothing was made for me. IT DOES HAPPEN! lol.

rachel said...

haha i love the outfit, too!