Tuesday, January 27, 2009

30 years today!!!!

happy a-day to my lovely parentals!


Linsey said...

u should see steven's hat this year-- thanks to kate... it's even worse than the one in the picture.... 30 years - sunrise- sunset

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Crazy. In the best way possible. Congrats to them.

K&V said...

not sure about the hat, but i'm almost positive steven's scarf was a 2007 gift from k&v!
was he wearing his "real men drink tea" shirt underneath??
In any event, congratulations!!!!

Shane Keaney said...

much love to Linsey and Steve!

rachel said...

haha his new hat it def worse! Hope you had a great A-dayyy!!

margot said...

i am on the search for a photo of dad wearing the new hat, care of kate and vin!
if i can locate, i will post later.