Wednesday, November 26, 2008


soooo, even though i handed in a snowman last week as the homework for my "memory" assignment, i was REassigned it because let's be real- that wasn't a memory i just wanted to make a snowman.

anyway, here is some art, NOTHING like what i usually do collage-wise. a lot like what i do in my journals.
this is an interpretation of my first memory....i was lingering at the base of these stairs, trying to stay as quiet as possible, listening to my parents in the kitchen talk about what to name my soon-to-be sister! (who is now 21)

the handwriting in this piece comes from my childhood notebooks that i found, the stairs and wall are all distorted photos from my dining room, the marble notebooks are from my 1st grade journal, and the lines with numbers are my growth charts ! also, i drew the flowers in kindergarten, my mom found them in a pile of art from when i was little!
so i didn't dodge the assignment this time!!!!!
click the image for a closer view...the splattes of colors are melted crayons!


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thanks for the memories!! i love u & glad to SEE (get it??) u r on the mend!! Go Woo!!