Monday, October 27, 2008

HOLY pumpkin!

my collage homework is finished! here it is- all out of hole punchings and pilar beads (my new obsession) and a few real candy corn!
***for illustration friday, after making this i'm going to have to send my hole-puncher in for "REPAIR"*** :-)

and also,
melissa (friend/roommate etraordinaire) made a masterpiece with the pilar beads while i was hole-punching away. (i did offer her $5 to help me hole punch. she declined)
ANYWAY here is her art:


Vela said...

The hole punch is a genius idea. I used little cut out rectangles, and I think it got way too stiff.

Linsey said...

i think melissa should sign up for SVA collage too!!! that gal has talent!! btw, awesome punkin too!! do u ever hear people say punkin?? drives me insane!!!!!

caitlin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pumpkin!!
I'm also v. impressed w/ Pones' artwork. It's v. deep.