Friday, October 31, 2008

***happy halloween***

as per the request of my peeps- here is a new thing we will have at icedgrandesoylatte called "blast-from-the-past-fridays"
and today's blast from the past is halloween themed!!!

i'm not actually sure if this was for halloween, but it's kinda amazing. thanks mom lol

and i'm the clown here, oof.hahahah. and rachel is the nurse...

and adam and i as a "needle pulling thread" for a sound of music sing-a-long...we won a contest in this get up!

and my three peeps dressed as...dun dun dun...ME!!!!!!!!!

and a few more...


Shane Keaney said...

if i knew you when you were chinese we could totally be sisters in crime!

Linsey said...

where r the pigs in blankets??