Saturday, October 18, 2008


for this week's collage homework i had to illustrate a food using painted papers!
i'm thinking of making this a thank you card, and the inside will say "thanks, that was sweet!" what do you think?!?!
and for illustration friday-
i'm e"LATE"d about the idea of making this into a card! :-)


murphy girl said...

great image! the thick paint looks like frosting, and the the inside message is perfect!

Bella Sinclair said...

Holy canoli, you have some AMAZING collages! WOW. And these cupcakes look sooooo yummy. Murphy Girl's right. The paint (or is that paper?) DOES look like frosting!

Asja said...

i love this! it makes me want to eat something sweet, right now :)

Nicole Callihan said...

Love it, and it's not _just_ because I'm obsessed with cupcakes!!!

Linsey said...

hmmm.... my jenny craig microscopic brownie looks so much tastier!! lol!!