Tuesday, August 5, 2008


just wanted to say thanks for your support for the coach bag contest! even though there are NO comments (hint, hint people i love comments) on this blog i know a ton of you have been voting numerous times a day! you're all the best! :-)
i came in 178th out of 3279 entries!
winner has not yet been announced for the grand prize (which i still have a chance of winning) so cross your fingers! :-)
thanks again!


Lacey Bean said...

Good luck!!

Linsey said...

U ROCK.... you're still #1 with me!!!!

Anonymous said...

#1 with Linsey.

# 177 (not 178) with me!

I voted a few times...wish I had had more time to vote!

K&V said...

I voted 4 u every day!!!

margot said...

awww thanks guys! well i think i am entering a sony contest in the next few weeks so get your voting clicks ready :-)