Monday, June 9, 2008

Rachel's Surprise 21st!!!!!!

MY SISTER IS 21! (well, almost!)
***actual bday is not until the 28th***

introducing my blog's new mascot!! BABY CHARLIE!!! (happy now phil!??!?!)


Anonymous said...

What a bash!

My family had such a great time. Charlie, Teresa and myself are still recovering! We were surprised that Rachel was so surprised (I figured she knew already!).

I danced a lot...great music! "My best friend Leslie said, she's just being Miley!" and "Bottles in the Club...Shorty wants a thug" and "Sexy can I..." and "Lollipop..."!
That Isabel can sure move on the floor! Vinny was a star break-dancer and Gary and Steven doing the worm...Work it girls!

Seriously, it was awesome, tons of fun. Happy B-day to Ray Ray!

Nicole Callihan said...

Yay!!! Happy birthday, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

That mascot is incredible!

margot said...

omg rachel already got more bday wishes than me and IT'S NOT EVEN HER BLOG.
and phil- don't forget kate doing the robot!!!

K&V said...

cute mascot :-)
great party!!!
domo arigato mr. roboto.

Rachel said...

hahaha thanks everyone!! I was soo surprised!! and loved everything! you rock a latte!! <3 ray ray

Linsey said...

& let's not forget "the beach story!"

vp said...

OMG fabulous!!!!! love the peep ideas =)