Friday, June 20, 2008

free people contest!!!

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE CLOTHING BRAND IS HAVING A CONTEST!!! it's for the pattern that will appear on their shopping bags next year!!!!!!! the only rules are that it can only be 3 colors and must be green & blue...also, they will put "free people" on it for the designer!
here's my entry: (click it for a bigger view)

and here's a detail of the image:

oh! and i do have a few days to make changes so let me know your thoughts!!!


echo said...

love love love... i havent even read the rules yet lol

caitlin said...

i LOVE it!! you did an amazing job!!

Ruth said...

fab! just like you. dude - i thought of you the other day - free people is no longer at my loehmans! WHAT!