Tuesday, May 6, 2008

happy 2 years p&t!


Linsey said...

wow!!! it was 2 years ago today!!!!!! time flies when u r having fun!!!!!!!!! congrats & enjoy!!!!!! love, tanta linZ

Anonymous said...

Holy macaroni!

I love that picture. Thanks for putting it up! I have felt underappreciated not being on the Roll call and all, but now I feel like I have been let out into the light.

Maybe this picture can get Miller'd up! You know what I'm talking about! The Margot enhancements.

Thanks to my Aunt Linsey for the well wishes.

Peace to all humanity.

When is the Israel trip? Is it just you and Ray-Ray? Is Sushi going? Is Gary to watch Sushi? Don't take Steven...I hear there are squirrels on the side of the road...You wouldn't want to be driving with him in a foreign land if there's a squirrel--you would wind up upside down in your car in Syria!

Anonymous said...

That by the way is still the most frightened I have ever been in a car. Those trees were passing on my right and next thing I know...swerve, screech, screams... I swear I saw the light and heard the angels singing. Who would have thought that it all could have ended on that trip to Camp Louemma.

The squirrel was cute though.