Friday, May 23, 2008

and more! (along with a proper post)

oh little blog- how i missed thee!!!
so i'm back from the holy land all in one piece...i have TONS of pics, i will spare you all 400something of them lol but incase you DO want to see more of them ask me and i'll send a link to my snapfish album that's uploading now as i type...also, rachel is going to post some pics on facebook and if you were in my group and want the group pics that i have, i just posted them our group on facebook!
can i get a woohoo?!?!
anyway, israel was quite the experience...

a few things that will shock those of you who know me:
-i really liked riding a camel
-i'm sick of hummus
-i didn't get sunburnt
-rachel and i didn't kill eachother, we didn't even fight!!!
-i didn't break any bones or need stitches of any kind
- i hiked
-i went in a cave
-i slept in a tent
-i don't like hotdogs in israel

a few things that will NOT shock those of you who know me:
-i dropped my mom's camera in the dead sea
-i hate hiking and will never do it again (although it does make for some cool photos)
-i bought about 20 pieces of jewelry lol
-i'm really craving a blt on a roll, no mayo
-i refused to refill my water bottle repeatedly in the middle of the desert and always bought a new one therefore probably spending over $100 on water because i am convinced tap water is contaminated.
-i was the only one in the group having that water contamination issue.
-i love israeli chips (some are peanut butter flavored)
-i over-packed :-)

overall, it was an unforgettable experience!

NOW LET THE PHOTOS BEGIN...(actually, i'll upload them later it takes too long lol)


Rachel said...

loved seeing you here! i hope you had a great time and that you will eat chummus again one day :)

Linsey said...

although i will not take full responsibility for some of the "schtick" (get it??) from my genes--i must agree w/ thee: no way would i refill my H20 with warm desert water..Yecch!! & tents... what chutzpa??!! rachel showed me how u ate off plates on the floor-- not good for your posture!! no-no-no.... & i always overpack & buy too much jewelry... but now remember-- here is where we differ: kayaking & tubing are my life!! i always can go for a long, rugged hike, esp. at 3am....luv, me

Shane Keaney said...

im with you on the hiking part lol