Monday, April 21, 2008


to my favorite pony- happy 25! (whoa)
xoxo, gossip girl
(you know you love me)
and i love you for fixing my grammatical errors every day. :-) and for ordering mcdonald's delivery with me even though it's down the block. and for letting me make yoga bags. and cause you're nice (most of the time). and cause we wear the same size shoes. and click "social drinker, maybe one or two" on our profiles. and some other stuff that i can't type here because it will break the roommate code of conduct.
oh! and also cause you work the dvr for me (specifically because we both are possibly the only 20somethings who dvr the mary tyler moore show)


Fenrisar said...
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Melissa said...

thanks roomie!

Rachel said...

aww yay I love melissa!! and I can't believe mcdonalds delivers?! you lazy bums!!

caitlin said...

Happy Birthday Pones!
I'm glad you didn't post any more roommate secrets, the ones i heard are SO DISTURBING.

ps i love that pic of you guys in some nasty ass bathroom. Pretty much sums up our lives.

Linsey said...

Happy Belated birthday!!! enjoy your party!! sorry i can't be there!!!