Sunday, April 27, 2008

eventful weekend!

a LOT went on this weekend (including my dunkin' donuts gift card design deadline for some new cards that unfortunately, i can't post yet until i get the ok from DD)....a HUGE thanks to my fab slogan writing family & friends :-) I *DONUT* know what i'd do without you!
here are a few pictures from the weekend!
Kitten On Subway:

Kitten In Taxi:

Kitten on Couch:

other events of the weekend include melissa's birthday party, stalking mariah carey at the tribeca film festival with nick and breaking my glasses. Please note that i have been wearing glasses for 15 years and have never broken them. Today, with only a few hours till the most major deadline of my illustration career they broke. LOL. no worries though, they are now fixed.
here's a mariah pic:


vp said...

awwww~ what about kitty in her pink dress???

margottobed said...

cuuuuute! i want a kitten!!! minus the responsibility

Anonymous said...

Does kitten have a name yet? It's a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

The subway and the taxi look eerily similar. I donut know, but me thinks they are the same. A latte similarities. No, they are eggsactly the same!

Did sushi make her first kill?

I hope you don't go coconuts with your deadline. Just remember, it's time to make the donuts.

I just can't strawberry with sprinkles for the next card.

Linsey said...

we need to see Sushi looking latte cute in 3E!!

Anonymous said...

So I remember we got a kitty but I havent seen her in days...maybe if I call her Mariah she will come out.