Monday, February 18, 2008

yoga bag auction!

soooooo, i'm realy really REALLY excited about this- Swarovski is doing an amazing charity event where celebrities are decorating yoga bags and they will be auctioned for breast cancer research sometime in may- AND I AM GETTING TO DECORATE ONE!
i know you're thinking- um, did i miss something?! when did margot become a celeb?!
i didn't. well not yet anyway.
i designed the blank yoga bag that the company i work for produced and donated to the cause so i get to design one (and plus, melissa works for swarovski and is running the event so that MIGHT have helped hehe)!
i'll post allllllll about the auction when it actually happens, but for now i thought i'd show you some work in progress!
i won't show the finished bag, all crystalized and such until the actual auction!

and mom (she's on a cruise right now!) if you are reading this- roses will be added! i promise!!! and look! even wonton is helping!


Melissa said...

oooh i love it!! so pretty! it's going to make a lot of money!! wonton looks nice when he's all crystallized. but i would prefer it if britney helped you instead.

Shane Keaney said...

soooo pretty!

tenpolaroids said...


Matt Haroldsen said...

they look great!!