Friday, February 1, 2008

a valentine's shopping guide!

here are some really cool things i've found online recently that are great gifts for valentine's day....

from have AMAZING home decor.

recycled tin flowers! they'll never die! from

for toast! from urban outfitters.

rob ryan, one of my favorite artists who works in ALL CUT PAPER has a new book out, really really really amazing stuff- i think you can get it anywhere, but i know for a fact it is on

breakfast at tiffanys....lunch at mcdonalds hehe.
here's a Holly Golightly sleep mask from

1 comment:

paula clare said...

Hi Margot,
LOVE the groovy finds! Lots of places I haven't checked out before...YAY! More places to go SHHHHHHHOOOOOOPPPPPPINGGGGG!