Tuesday, January 1, 2008

jet setting.

So i'm thinking of doing a volunteer/travel abroad trip this year- i came across this site:
and think it would be fun and the trips are from 2-4 weeks...has anyone ever heard of this organization and does anyone have any thoughts?!
i want to work with children, so i'm thinking of vietnam because you work in an orphanage...


paula clare said...

Hi Margot,
What a FAB way to travel AND do some good around the world! I have several friends in Canada who have worked alongside this organization. Often those in administration will be glad to put you in touch with others who have traveled and worked within the program...you could probably glean a great deal of insight via email from these folks.

Another really great organization I know personally (and have worked alongside of) is Mission Outfitter...I met them while doing disaster relief work in New Orleans. Wow...their work is amazing!

I can give you more info if you'd like it...meanwhile, keep on keepin on!

Wishing you all good things in the New Year!

bwaymjs said...

I dont care what anyone says, you are not allowed to leave the apartment for that long...period.

Philip said...

Aren't there any soup kitchens in NYC?
Charity is still charity even if it is close to home.
That way you could still work and make money while doing good and not risk your own health!
May not be the romantic option, but it will be the safer, malaria/tuberculosis/hepatitis/kidnapping-free alternative!

Use the extra work money to go on a luxurious trip complete with massage/spa treatments. And use your experience at the NYC soup kitchen as your own "spiritual/moral-bucks"!