Sunday, December 16, 2007

online dating

as some of you know i am an active online dater...and although i don't want to turn this blog into a forum on that, i did just get one of the oddest emails ever through it and thought i should post it because, well, why not.
Here's the email- i'm protecting the author's identity by not posting his ever-so-creepy picture.

"Hi. I checked out your profile. Thought it was interesting. But I'm not too sure about you. Have you ever been scuba diving? Yesterday I almost got into a car accident"

what's scary about this email is that it's probably his form email.


paula clare said...


Unfortunate Logic said...

hi margot,
it's diana.
i worked w/ your mom and dad a little bit when i was working with nicole (and we know each other so i don't know why all the preamble.)

but i wanted to say hi and that i think you should totally date this guy and that. um. i have a blog.


i like your emeril love cakes, also.


Dating Sites said...

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