Sunday, December 30, 2007

MY TOP 10 OF 2007!!!

1. my new uggs

2. moving to the upper west side! here's a pic with the roomies...

3. TRAVEL- i had quite a few trips this year...3 to london, 2 to paris, 1 to vegas, 1 to florida, 1 to atlantic city AND JAMAICA.
please note that my week in Jamaica (with M & C) was described by weather forecasters as a tropical depression. amazing!
caitlin got a sunburn causing nausea, etc., melissa got a heat rash, and i ended up with an allergic reaction to tropical fruit when mixed with the sun.
this pic is from jamaica...

this is from atlantic city...


4. a lot of important babies were born!
***in no particular order***
charlie, luke, jack, and hudson!
5. FAME ON THE TYRA SHOW- watch the video here!
undefined ME AND TYRA

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6. i went to my first yankee game with my dad!!!!

7. the blue pitcher!

8. ishmael beah wrote an amazing book, A Long Way Gone- memoirs of a boy soldier
read it, it's incredible and i know him.

9. the pigeon that found it's way into my apt.

10. my clown personality retired!

have a great new year! leave comments!
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paula clare said...

Hi Margot!
Love, love, LOVE the UGGS! I am SOooooooo jealous! Your trips sound like they were a great deal of fun...lots of photos for scrapbooking, collaging, memories!?!?! WOW! And your "moments" with the "rich and famous" were certainly noteworthy also...guess you've had a pretty good year, huh?!? Here's to another GREAT ONE!


zari - justZHM said...

oooh! a detailed review of 2007! was great and hope 2008 gets a lot better ;)
Happy 2008!

Rachel said...

I love your list! It was great!