Sunday, December 9, 2007

au revoir!

je vais à Paris et Londres pendant des jours en voyage pour mon travail! j'écrirai quand je retourne!
i'm off to paris and london for a few days on a trip for my job! I will write when i return!

in the meantime, my roomate/editor/friend has requested to guest blog! sooooo, ladies and gentlemen...introducing- melissa pastore! take it away melissa....

and just one more note, an image from my room today! hehe,
happy holidays- from my room to yours :-)

someone very wise once told me (named nick- quoting meg) that the state of your room and of your purse is symbolic of your life. i can't even show you my purse.

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Linsey said...

scary stuff.... did u see holly's space in hef's room at the mansion??? same thing!!!! piles & piles of stuff.... luv, me