Wednesday, November 28, 2007

confessions of a serial shopper.

resorting to online shopping this year do to over-obnoxious-beyond-pushy sales people and out-of-control-annoyingly-large-crowds?!
me too.
so i thought i'd post some cool items i found online...none of which i'm buying (don't worry dad) but they're totally worth checking out!
Tord Boontje's Ivy Panels-this comes in silver & gold.

this image is tiny so really go to the site because it's hysterical- and perfect.
the description on the site reads "Face it, your little pill bottle collection is getting out of hand. It’s time to take it to the next level and fill up our hand painted collection of candid canisters with all of life’s little helpers – from sweets to sedatives."
this is a must have!!!!

AN AMAZING DISNEY BAG WITH A BONUS COSMETIC CASE?! who could ask for more? especially since i made it hehe. we have the lip plates at my apt- they're fabbity fab. you can doodle on the placemats. i went to college with alexis, super talented metal-smither-a-gogo! check out her site! this is a journal...perfect for those who artsy journal....hint hint ;-) how nice of you to want to order my art! check out my store, and i do commission work as well :-) "corndog and cocktail weenie" print by mark mattson
every kitchen needs this!

and that's all for now! i seem to be having trouble moving my head side to side due to a fall from an attempt at standing on my head again.
just thought i'd put that out there.


Nicole Callihan said...

I love these!!! Am stealing one for my blog. Post more of your own work! I might have to do all my online shopping at un-BLOG-evable!

Ruthie said...

OMG I mailed you something for valentines day that you ALREADY HAVE! you STINKER.