Sunday, October 14, 2007

tag- i'm it.

Miss Nicole-The-Poet has tagged me in this i just noticed, so here's a form- although i'm really not most likely to fill out a survey lol, but here it is (cause i like the nicole-the-poet, and i have nothing better to do) :-)
Jobs I've Had:
1 –camp counseloring/babysitting
2 – law interning (no, that's not a joke)
3 – english & math tutoring
4- clown.
5– accessory designing

Jobs I’d Like to Have:
1 – pastry chef
2 – pyschiatrist
3– children's book writer
4- cohost on the view

Movies I Have Watched Over and Over Again:
1 – annie
2- mermaids
3- adventures in babysitting
4- girls just wanna have fun
(this is the girliest movie list i've ever seen)

Books I Read and Loved During the Last Year:
1 – Sputnik Sweatheart
2 – A Long Way Gone
3 - The Illustrated Mum
4 – Eat, Pray, Love
5- The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
6- Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
7- Bridge to Terabithia (had never read it)
8- Shopaholic and Baby
9- Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress
10-the last Harry Potter
11- Sinners Welcome
and more but i'm done trying to remember names.

Favorite Things to Do:
1 – collage
2 – take pictures
3 – email
4 – shop
5 – get manicures.

Places I have lived:
1 - staten island
2 – syracuse (college)
3 – florence, italy (for a semester)
4 – brooklyn (kinda)
5- manhattan

Favorite Things to Eat:
1 – dark chocolate (especially the dove brand ones with those corny messages in them like "buy yourself flowers". i love those AND dark chocolate m&ms)
2 – hearts of palm
3 - cheeseless pizza with mushrooms and crushed pepper

Places I'd rather be:EDIT
i'm going to change this to places i NEVER want to be again in my life:
1-six flags, great adventure
2- the manhattan mall
3- the gym.

Words I Love the Spelling of:

1 – chaos
2 – fandango
3 - escargot (silent t's are awesome)

Who I am Tagging (and forgive me or ignore me or humor me, whatever you see fit):

1 – Steph Burton- cause she has a blog and will probably do it :-)
2- nick adams - cause he has a blog so maybe will do it ? he should.
3- my entire staff, none of which have a blog- but maybe will do it and email to me?!?!?! yeah right.

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Nicole Hefner said...

Hey Lovely Margot. Wanna guest-blog for me for about ten days while I go wed & honeymoon? Let me know. & thanks for taking the quiz! I, too, love girls just wanna have fun!