Friday, October 26, 2007

Lions & Tigers and Pigeons, oh my!

It’s not every day I receive a text message that reads, “there’s a pigeon in my bathroom. What am I to do?”
And that about sums up today. 2 hours after that text, my roommate and myself, wearing latex gloves and the hoods of hoodies pulled over our heads- half crying/half laughing hit absolute rock bottom. I’m talking huddled on the floor and waving a broom in the air level of hitting rock bottom. And our saviors, whom without I would not be able to sit here and type without, were 2 firemen- new york’s absolute bravest.
I could sit here and list all the organizations that were useless to 2 frantic gals via phone today, but I don’t want to use this blog as a vent. I’d rather use it to thank-
So, to those 2 firemen (who were quite adorable I might add) THANK YOU! You are absolute saints and what may have been such a small thing to you was an enormous thing to us. You are the best!
And on that note,
Dear Pigeon,
You are the worst. Please do not come back to my apartment. Ever.
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Nick said...

love you.

can't wait to hear more about this tonight.

Linsey said...

yeccch!!!!!!!!!! this creeps me out...