Thursday, October 4, 2007


i'm totally confused. i want to make this image be at the top of my page as the header...does anyone know how? (NICK???!!!!)


Craig Howarth said...

Go to your dashboard. Click on layout for your blog. Click on the edit link inside the header (lower left corner). Upload the image using the browse button and remove all text from the blog title and description fields. That should do it.

Nick said...
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Nick said...


Well well well, ask and you shall recieve.

The banner is uploaded. We were doing the right thing earlier, I think it was just tweaking because we were on a Mac.

As Art Director, I must ask, is the size too big? It's rather large and in charge.

Miss you! We need to hang out soon. My plague is getting better but i'm BURRIED at work.

Call me, bitch!


margot said...

THANK YOU BOTH!!!!!!!! i appreciate it!!!!!

Nicole Hefner said...

Love it! Maybe I wanna a header too!