Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Negatives Are Positive.

it's funny to me that film negatives are called negatives when, in my opinion, finding a stack of negatives is among the world's most positive things. i was at my parent's house this past weekend and came across my mother's negatives from her photography era and a pint-sized version of myself was the subject of choice. here's a scan of one of the lot i found. i am going to start incorporating them into my collages. my mother was just a little older than i am now when she had me, and i figure if i start using her work in my work then the pieces will be a 24 year long collaboration.


The Bee said...

This blog is HOT! :) LOVE IT!

The Bee said...

p.s. Can I be on the staff role as Creative Director?

Nicole Hefner said...

such a lovely image. you can already see how much your mama loves you.